Why pay to Cuddle?

You don’t have to. Anyone can invite friends and family to cuddle – and we wish more people did!

Cuddle Party is a unique, facilitated experience. Our facilitators create safety by leading the Welcome Circle, which teaches communication and boundary skills and helps everyone get comfortable. Facilitators are available for any concerns that may arise. So, most people feel safe enough to attend with people they don’t know.

Cuddle Parties are hosted by local facilitators who are trained and certified with mentors and developers of Cuddle Party.

Our facilitators are trained to teach the participants easy and clear ways to make invitations and communicate clear boundaries.

Besides the cost of tuition and certification, there’s the planning and promoting of Cuddle Parties. Promotions include newsletters, homepage, meetup, eventbrite, facebook, twitter, craigslist, couchsurfing, lovetribe and other sites. We take time to answer questions by phone, email and discussion board. Our Meetup.com page, main website, newsletter service, email, other promotions also carry actual costs.

The facilitator spends time preparing the space, buying and preparing snacks. They lead the workshop, meet any concerns or problems that arise, and cleans up after the event. The facilitator spends time in promotions and web maintenance. The work before and after hosting a Cuddle Party takes much longer than party itself.

Think of it this way: when you visit a dance club, you don’t pay to physically dance. You pay for access to a space, unique atmosphere, music, staff and presence of other dancers. The dancing is up to you.

We believe it’s fair for certified facilitators to receive some compensation for their responsibilities and time. Even so, Cuddle Party is largely a labor of love.

More about the Cuddle Party process

We help grown-ups in pajamas feel safe and comfortable while learning new skills and enjoying themselves!

At the hundreds of parties we have facilitated, we see it’s not the cuddling that people really come to learn. It is the boundaries and communication skills that are most appreciated by guests.

Once choice and communication become clearer, the cuddling happens quite naturally. It’s a joy to see a group of relative strangers begin to relax and enjoy themselves together.

In the Seattle area we charge $30 while other parts of the country charge $50. If that prevents you from being able to attend, please inquire about alternatives.. Ideas include: Work-Study, Amazon, Paypal, Gift Certificates, et cetera.

We sincerely offer our services as Certified Cuddle Party Facilitators, and take our responsibilities seriously. This means guests don’t have to be serious!

We do the work ~ you come play!