Who hosts them?

Cuddle Parties are hosted by local people who have gone through a training and certification process with the founders of Cuddle Party.

Of course, anyone can invite their friends over to cuddle (in fact, we wish more people did), but our facilitators are trained to teach the participants to make respectful invitations and communicate clear boundaries.

Simply put, we help a room full of grown-ups in pajamas feel safe and comfortable while learning new skills and enjoying themselves!

Seattle currently has 4 Certified Cuddle Party Facilitators:

Megan Hunter

Megan has been attending Cuddle Parties in Seattle for a year – and knew at her first event that she wanted to someday facilitate them herself. And now she is!

Megan is our newest facilitator, having completed training in late 2014. Welcome Megan! (photo coming soon)

Betty Martin

For Betty, cuddling has been a life-long favorite. She brings to Cuddle Party her experience with other kinds of facilitating, including health care, peer counseling, boundaries workshops, and 27 years of being a mom and now a grandma. Besides Cuddle Parties, she has a private practice as a Love and Intimacy Coach.

“I love watching the wonderful gentleness that people have toward each other. I get re-inspired every time.”

Mary Hart

Mary is also a mom and was one of those people who had serious doubts about cuddling strangers – until she attended a Cuddle Party and discovered the boundary setting skills in the Welcome Circle. After a year or so enjoying being a participant, she started the facilitation training and stepped into her new role as a Facilitator.  She loves meeting new people and having fun and has been facilitating for a few years now.


She is the newest addition to the Seattle Facilitator group.  Alison is the longtime owner of “The Massage Team” and discovered that at Cuddle Party she gets to be the receiver for a change!  Alison & her husband are in health care careers, embrace healthy lifestyles & yummy ‘paleo’ food!  Alison notes positive touch is important since it relates to our ancient mammalian psycho-social needs.  Alison hosts her events in Bellevue in the heart of the Eastside – but has been taking a break this year. Come back soon, Alison!