Who comes to them?

Singles – We usually have more singles than couples. Singles really appreciate the opportunity to enjoy some simple physical contact without, as one participant said, “getting into a situation”.

Couples – Couples often find that the short boundary and communication workshop we start each event with actually helps them at home, too.

Women – Women are sometimes afraid they will be expected to be close to someone they don’t want to be. But they always discover that we really mean it when we lead the guests through practice in stating our choices and boundaries (including saying no). Very often, women find the nurturing (with both men and women) to be just what they wanted, but didn’t know was possible, until now.

If you’re feeling skeptical about cuddling with men you don’t know, please check out this article on the main cuddle party site – Women Skeptics

Men – Men are sometimes afraid no-one will want to cuddle them. But it hasn’t happened yet! You might like Real Men Do Cuddle.

Gender Balanced? One of our most common questions is – Are the parties gender balanced?

The short answer is: No, because it doesn’t matter, but it usually turns out somewhere in the ballpark anyway. Sometimes more women, sometimes more men. The long answer is here: Cuddle Party and Gender

Young and Old – We have a wonderful age range at our events (20’s to 70’s), and we always hear people appreciating each other.

Beginners – Sometimes people are afraid they won’t know ‘how’ to cuddle, or will feel awkward. That’s why we help you get started and guide you through some ideas and examples. And by the end of the evening, you’d never know anyone felt awkward a couple of short hours ago!

Varsity Cuddlers – These folks dive right to the middle of the puppy pile, are comfortable and relaxed from the start. Their comfort is usually contagious.

Just too much?

Does being with a group of new people sound like just too much? No worries, that’s not uncommon. You have a couple of options.

– Email us so we can call you and see if we can address your concerns
– Contact Betty at her website – www.bettymartin.org – for the possibility of meeting with her privately.