How can I attend one?

FIRST, please read the Rules – which include, among other things:

* Pajamas stay on the whole time.

* Everyone arrives on time for the welcome circle/orientation.

* Ask for what you want and get a verbal “yes” before proceeding.

*You don’t have to cuddle anyone you don’t want to, or anyone at all, ever.

THEN, See the page with all the dates. You can register right there.

More questions? Please E-mail us at info @ cuddleseattle dot com


GENDER – Cuddle Parties are not about coupling up, and therefore gender is of not much consequence. However, most Cuddle Parties end up with an approximate gender balance. If this is important to you, let us know and we can email you before the event with the approximate ratio for that party. Most people think they need a balance, but are quite surprised at how little difference it makes.

More about gender: Gender and Cuddle Party

TIME – Arrive a little early. The welcome circle orientation is where we establish our communication and boundary skills for the evening. If you arrive after we begin, sorry, we will not be able to let you in.

COST – We want our events to be affordable for everyone. Your fee of $25 helps cover the expenses of training, promoting and hosting. If that is an obstacle for you, please ask about our work-study option. The facilitator will be glad to make an arrangement with you.

PAJAMAS – Bring comfy pajamas to change into. (Of course, you are welcome to wear your pajamas on the way over, if you don’t mind funny looks on the bus) Sweats are fine, but no shorts or tank tops. You’re welcome to bring a pillow or teddy bear, too.

SCENT-FREE, please – It’s common for people to have trouble with scented shampoos, lotions and perfumes. Please don’t use them before a Cuddle Party – thank you!

PHYSICAL CHALLENGES – Yes, we are wheel chair accessible, and we are committed to helping you feel comfortable. If in doubt, you are welcome to email for details. We’ll make it work!

NO – No alcohol or recreational drugs, please.